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From Common Man to Corporate, Budgeted House to Infrastructure, Private to Government projects, B&B Developers & Builders Pvt Ltd., has attained natural growth and maturity catering to all the demands of construction for the past 19 years. Placing trust in people, quality, safety, technology, infrastructure and innovation have made us come a long way since its inception.

With skilled engineers under direct employment and dedicated divisions for Quality Control, Safety, Formwork, Interior, Landscape, Plumbing, Electrical & Training, they are in place to ensure professional support and maintain high standard in meeting the demands of the client in all aspects.
B&B is one amongst the top few companies in Tamil Nadu for carrying on the Business of Construction for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings including Pre-construction activities and providing after sales services.

Valuing your trust – a dictum that guides our every move. At B&B, we know that our customers deserve nothing less than the best. Right from the beginning, we work to craft a space that does not just meet your needs but also fulfills your desires. Our company understands the importance of creating a home that is truly yours or a workplace that unleashes your full potential and we strive to make your hopes a reality. The result – the creation of a truly complete space in every sense of the word. We value the importance of comfortable homes and stimulating workplaces. We value your need for a space that inspires your confidence. We value your TRUST.

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