B&B Developers & Builders Private Limited

Health, Safety & Environment

B&B Developers and Builders (P) Ltd affirms its commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees, project associates and ensures all operations are carried out in a manner that protects the environment and community in general.

Our Philosophy.

All adverse environmental impacts and accidents are preventable. No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is Justified.

A safety program needs a strong leadership to
1. Keep workers safe on construction sites
2. We behave in developing safety culture as a routine on all projects
3. We believe in awareness, training, communication, documentation,proper equipment, compliance tracking, innovation, leveraging technology, transparency,audits awards and rewards
4. Our aim zero harm,and we are continuously maintaining throughout this decade.
5. We have a safety program as first step and ensure that it is followed and ensured as next step from highest
6. Level of management to front line employees
7. We have a wide spread safety program and a well trained, qualified, successful team to implement this an all levels, engendering importance of safety as apart of culture


Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bengaluru: Achieving GRIHA certification.

We have successfully completed our project at Bengaluru - Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which achieved the coveted GRIHA certification for sustainable and green building design. Our team of architects, engineers, and builders ensured the design and construction of the building incorporated the latest sustainable technologies and practices. We minimize the environmental impact by constructing green building and provide a comfortable and healthy work space for our clients and employees.

Some of the key features of the building that helped us achieve the GRIHA certification include:
1. Efficient Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning system that reduces energy consumption and provides optimal temperature and humidity control. We also installed a system to recover heat from exhaust air, which helps to reduce energy waste.
2. Renewable energy sources: We installed solar panels on the roof to generate renewable energy, which helps to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy. We also incorporated a rainwater harvesting system, which collects rainwater for reuse in the building's plumbing systems.
3. Sustainable materials: We used materials that have a low environmental impact, material such as low VOC paints, recycled content materials, and sustainable wood products. We also made an effort to source materials locally, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.
4. Green landscaping around the building to minimize the need for water and maintenance & native plants that require minimal irrigation including incorporating a drip irrigation system to further reduce water consumption.


World Environment Day

At B&B Developers and Builders Private Limited, we believe in building sustainable communities that prioritize environmental conservation. That's why we regularly celebrate World Environment Day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. Our commitment to eco-friendly construction practices has helped us create sustainable infrastructure that benefits both people and the environment.