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Empowering Our Team: Investing in Employee Education and Success

At B&B Developers and Builders Private Limited, we believe in investing in our employees' growth and development. At VIT University Vellore, we have provided numerous employees the opportunity to pursue their engineering degree with our own expenses. This initiative has not only helped our employees advance their careers but also contributed to the overall growth of our company.

Personality Development

B&B periodically invites professionals to oranizes personality development workshops for its team. The workshops coves a wide range of 21st century-pertinent topics such as stress management, team building, and improving interpersonal relations at home and work place. The programme provides vital soft-skills essentially of relationship management and creativity, underpinned by emotional intelligence that include the ability to empathise with others, manage conflict, cope with ambiguity and paradox, and navigate a route through complex interpersonal relationships. The training aims at enriching self esteem and help the individuals develop their potential to the fullest, effetively the participant were eager to learn and embrace new ideas. The workshops are unique in using music, theatre and meaningful interaction extensively to help the participants learn, embrace and assimilate new ideas better.

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B&B Institute of Training - Fit to Work

B&B Institute of Training is a premier training institute for freshers dedicated to providing quality training and education. With our motto "Fit to Work," we aim to prepare students in a systematic & practical way to face challenges of the modern workplace. Our institute has successfully trained numerous students, who have gone on to build successful careers in their chosen fields.

Employee Engagement

At B&B Developers and Builders, we believe in the growth and development of our employees. We have partnered with the prestigious VIT Business School to offer Executive Management Development and English training programs to ensure they receive the best training and education.

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Yoga Session at our Corporate Office

B&B Developers and Builders Private Limited organized a successful online yoga session for our employees, called "Balance & Heal Yourself with SANATAN KRIYA - Secret of the Rishis to Eternal Youth, Glow & Radiance". The session was conducted by experienced yoga instructors and was attended by many enthusiastic employees from our company. Our employees learned various yoga postures, deep breathing exercises, and meditation techniques to help them relax, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being. These sessions were designed to help our employees develop a lifestyle that incorporates yoga into their daily lives.

Covid Camp at our Corporate Office

We organized a COVID Vaccination camp was conducted in collabaration with the local health authorities for the benefit of our employees and public. The Camp provided easy access to the Beneficiries The vaccination drive received an overwhelming response from employees and the public. People from nearby areas and other organizations also availed themselves of the opportunity and got vaccinated at the camp as it was hassle-free, with minimal waiting time and with proper guidance from the medical team.

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