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Providing Constructive Solution.

An in-house facility, Formwork Division, was established to primarily fulfil the infrastructure, equipment & machinery requirements of B&B Builders construction activities. Later, Formwork Division became a profit centre by making available the facility to other construction companies in the areas of procurement, transport and supply of construction materials like bricks, sand, gravel, cement etc. in addition to supply of equipments such as hoists, concrete mixers, vibrators, struts, centring and shuttering sheets/planks, scaffolding, construction machinery etc on rental basis. Formworks Division also takes care of the upkeep, maintenance and disposal of the life-expended items. Please contact info@bbbuilders.in for the exhaustive list of vehicles, equipment & machinery, which can be hired on spare capacity basis.

Plants & Machineries

One of the key requirements to timely and effeciently completeing a project, is to have reliable plant and machinery for our construction projects. The quality of equipment and machinery we use plays a crucial role in the success of our projects. Plants and machinery refer to the apparatus, equipment, and machinery fixed to the earth by foundation or structural support. Which includes foundation and structural supports but excludes land, buildings, other civil structures, telecom towers, and pipelines outside factory premises. We carefully select the right equipment and machinery for our projects. Our team of experts thoroughly analyzes each project and determines the most suitable plants and machinery needed to achieve the desired outcomes. We work with the best manufacturers to source the highest quality equipment and machinery.


We have invested in high quality plant and mechinery which saves us the trouble of hiring and using substandard machines and also enables us to provide the best possible services to our clients take great pride in our plants and machinery and invest heavily in them to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. Our commitment to using only the best equipment and machinery has earned us a reputation as a reliable and efficient construction company.