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Resembling any other industrial venture, proper planning of engineering services is crucial for success of the venture. The first step is proper project perception with the right mix of facilities to generate feasibility. A detailed concept report has to be first prepared to enable the architect in drawing up his plans. Considerable inputs like HVAC, Fire Fighting, equipment vendors etc. are required to finalise the working plan for the building. Commissioning of the project after the construction work is the most important part of planning. After commissioning we provide a host of Management Consultancy Solutions for projects.



B&B Developers and Builders Private Limited , Electricals Division has acquired numerous experiences working on multiple construction portfolios including design,engineering,installation and maintenance of both high and low voltage electrical equipment. Committed to safety , quality and trust all safety standards are met along with safety regulation and Standard operating procedure.

Our Electrical Installations Like ,EHT/HT/LT Distribution systems and its controls etc, Captive power generation and distribution, Industrial electrical installation, Lighting design(Architectural, Landscape, Facade & monumental), Computer Networking, Communication Systems, Cable Television, Public Address System, Closed Circuit Television, Building Automation.



B&B Developers and Builders Private Limited , Plumbing division serves to establish USF Standard quality in plumbing services offered during construction from evaluating and building a drainage system to sustain the load as well as optimum drainage capacity. Our team also carries out installations in the building for the distribution and use of potable (drinkable) water and the removal of waterborne wastes.